“correct Trinity with love”- Actor Yomi Fabiyi defends skit maker after salacious skit with a female m!nor

Nigerian Actor Yomi Fabiyi has defended skit maker, Trinity after the police announced he would be charged to court over an inappropriate skit with a female minor he released.

Reacting to the announcement made by the Nigeria Police Force.The spokesperson in the person of Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

The Nollywood actor and activist stated that the Prankster “Trinity” should be corrected with love, with his right not to be trampled upon as pranks are “works of art and expression.”

Fabiyi further asked the police to deal with and handle the matter under the ambit of the law and not social media sentiment.

He wrote via his social handle;

“If we talk now, some will say I am supporting dangerous pranks or abuse on children. I will appeal to the Police to deal with this matter under the ambit of the law and not social media sentiment .I am of the opinion with the society want is CAUTION and re-direction of his style of pranks. DO NOT INITIATE ANY “ERASE CULTURE”  Just because you want to correct .Film, Pranks are work of arts and expression .Minors are used as war fighters in movies but in real life it is criminal. If the necessary consent is taken before involving a minor with ni direct or extreme methods that may lead to punishable acts as enshrined under the CHILD PROTECTION LAWS, safe to say we all including the police should CORRECT HIM WITH LOVE and not TRAMPLE ON HIS RIGHTS by illegally detaining him , initiate unfair trial etc. The police cannot judge him, charging him to court is simple civil and dignifying procedure .Do not see it as punishment or end to his career.PRANKS IS GLOBAL, moderation and counseling for better and healthy content is my own goal here.@adejobimuyiwa please the right charges and if none, POLICE CAUTION is lawful. Do not allow for total destruction of this guy’s life , career and means of livelihood .His intentions are clear.My humble submission.”


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