“You eat our babies?” Dog breed rearer cried out in Lagos


President of dog lovers and also a dog rearer called out celebrity chef Hilda Baci and influencer Enioluwa in Lagos state over dog eating.

Recall Hilda accompanied by social media influencer, Enioluwa , visited Akwa Ibom, for her homecoming celebration after her success in the cookathon.

The celebrity chef surpassed the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time outstanding a GWR-holder chef in Indian.

During their visit, Enioluwa accompanied Hilda to a standard joint to try out one of the local delicacies which is dog meat.

The social media influencer posted a video of Hilda asking him to try the dog meat.

In the viral clip, the aggrieved lady disclosed that her association and their dogs were present at Hilda’s recently concluded cookathon to cheer and support her.

She continued stating Hilda’s attempt to break a Guinness World Record was a brilliant accomplishment that had improved Nigeria’s standing abroad.

The president of Dog Lovers however criticized the celebrity chef, Hilda, for portraying Nigerians as dog eaters to the outside world.

Read netizens’ reactions below:

@nene_george wrote: “It’s like this Aunty is just waking up in Nigeria. Dog meat that has been a delicacy in Calabar region. Someone pls lecture that it’s not all dogs meat them dey chop.”

@nickie_debarie wrote: “Mama dog na better delicacy o you know say as dog na your pet naso goat be another people pet and we dey eat am, better ishi ewu”

@adelakuntufayl wrote: “Can people just rest and let the Guinness Record committee conclude on their report before passing a judgment on her yet? All this to me are just strategies to bring one of ours down! Let people rest abeg !”

@chinyereabang wrote: “Who will stand up for the birds?”

@Oprik-leo wrote: “Dog na better meat, e sweetness pass every other meat for this world”.


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