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“If Not For Your Intervention In Those Tough Early Days”. Obi Cubana Shows Off The Other Woman Behind His Success

Monday, June 26th, 2023

Popular Nigeria businessman has revealed the other woman behind his success story aside his wife Ebinna Iyiegbu.

Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana revealed the quota his elder sister, Ada Akaeze contributed toward his success.

He reflected on her birthday on Sunday, wondering if there would be ‘Obi Cubana’ today if it weren’t for her intervention in his life during those difficult early days in Abuja.

The billionaire made it known that his sister was often providing him food from restaurants and modest pocket money to help him live.

He wondered what would have happened to him if it hadn’t been for her.

Expressing gratitude to her, he wrote,

“Omalicha Adanne m!

I  wonder if there’ll be an ‘Obi Cubana’ today if not for your interventions in my life those though early Abuja days. That year that Owu was looking for who to disgrace if not for those takeaway foods from your house and those small pocket money after Youth Service, I would have japa then, and I wonder what would become of me!!”

“Today is not for much stories, but I wanna take out time to appreciate you for your positive interventions in my life since adulthood till date!!

“Thank you ezigbo nwanne m, EVERYTHING!!! You know I got you and that concerns you for life. I love you beautiful sister of mine! Happy birthday”.



“correct Trinity with love”- Actor Yomi Fabiyi defends skit maker after salacious skit with a female m!nor

Monday, June 26th, 2023

Nigerian Actor Yomi Fabiyi has defended skit maker, Trinity after the police announced he would be charged to court over an inappropriate skit with a female minor he released.

Reacting to the announcement made by the Nigeria Police Force.The spokesperson in the person of Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

The Nollywood actor and activist stated that the Prankster “Trinity” should be corrected with love, with his right not to be trampled upon as pranks are “works of art and expression.”

Fabiyi further asked the police to deal with and handle the matter under the ambit of the law and not social media sentiment.

He wrote via his social handle;

“If we talk now, some will say I am supporting dangerous pranks or abuse on children. I will appeal to the Police to deal with this matter under the ambit of the law and not social media sentiment .I am of the opinion with the society want is CAUTION and re-direction of his style of pranks. DO NOT INITIATE ANY “ERASE CULTURE”  Just because you want to correct .Film, Pranks are work of arts and expression .Minors are used as war fighters in movies but in real life it is criminal. If the necessary consent is taken before involving a minor with ni direct or extreme methods that may lead to punishable acts as enshrined under the CHILD PROTECTION LAWS, safe to say we all including the police should CORRECT HIM WITH LOVE and not TRAMPLE ON HIS RIGHTS by illegally detaining him , initiate unfair trial etc. The police cannot judge him, charging him to court is simple civil and dignifying procedure .Do not see it as punishment or end to his career.PRANKS IS GLOBAL, moderation and counseling for better and healthy content is my own goal here.@adejobimuyiwa please the right charges and if none, POLICE CAUTION is lawful. Do not allow for total destruction of this guy’s life , career and means of livelihood .His intentions are clear.My humble submission.”


Subsidy:Don’t go on strike – Lagos state Governor begs Nigerian Labour congress(NLC)

Monday, June 5th, 2023

The First citizen of Lagos State, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has begged members of the Nigerian Labour Congress to disengage from embarking on a strike over the removal of fuel subsidy.

It was recalled that President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced the removal of the fuel subsidy during his inaugural speech.

The Nigerian Labour Congress however on Friday, June 2, issued a five-day ultimatum to the Federal government to revert to the initial petrol price or face a nationwide protest.

Lagos state governor, Sanwo-Olu addressed the press on Sunday, June 4, after a post-inauguration church thanksgiving service, appealed to the labour leaders to join hands to help turn the country’s economy around .

The governor said while addressing the press;

“We are thankful that Mr President is a product of Lagos. We will pray for him and everything that he stands for. We believe he will replicate all the good things he has done in Lagos in our country, Nigeria.

“I want to wish and plead with our citizens even as NLC has said to us that they want to go on strike. It is not the time for a strike. During the campaign trail, everyone of our presidential candidates did say that the first thing they are going to do is to remove the subsidy.

“So, what has changed? What has the current president said or what has he done that is different from what any of the other aspirants said they would do?

“We need to be very patient. He (President Tinubu) has not even done a week. So let us talk to ourselves and say that we shouldn’t turn it political. Let us wait and support this man. He has not done a week on the job. Let him go and reflect and at the sub-national level, we are willing to support him.

“The point is no industrial strike will solve anything at this point, it will certainly not bring an end to the issue. The point will be how are we going to ensure that there is a turnaround in our economy.

“He has mentioned something about a better wage. We have started that in Lagos. We started it in January; so other parts of the country can also do the same. We don’t need to wait for the national government. We just need to reflect on what the challenges are in our country and let us solve the problem.

“I want to plead with the Nigeria Labour Congress. It shouldn’t turn into a political thing because we have begun to see that. The leadership should know that they are leading a pack of people and they need to restrain themselves. Let us be patient. Let us work around it. NNPC has said that there is more than enough petrol.”



“You eat our babies?” Dog breed rearer cried out in Lagos

Friday, June 2nd, 2023


President of dog lovers and also a dog rearer called out celebrity chef Hilda Baci and influencer Enioluwa in Lagos state over dog eating.

Recall Hilda accompanied by social media influencer, Enioluwa , visited Akwa Ibom, for her homecoming celebration after her success in the cookathon.

The celebrity chef surpassed the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time outstanding a GWR-holder chef in Indian.

During their visit, Enioluwa accompanied Hilda to a standard joint to try out one of the local delicacies which is dog meat.

The social media influencer posted a video of Hilda asking him to try the dog meat.

In the viral clip, the aggrieved lady disclosed that her association and their dogs were present at Hilda’s recently concluded cookathon to cheer and support her.

She continued stating Hilda’s attempt to break a Guinness World Record was a brilliant accomplishment that had improved Nigeria’s standing abroad.

The president of Dog Lovers however criticized the celebrity chef, Hilda, for portraying Nigerians as dog eaters to the outside world.

Read netizens’ reactions below:

@nene_george wrote: “It’s like this Aunty is just waking up in Nigeria. Dog meat that has been a delicacy in Calabar region. Someone pls lecture that it’s not all dogs meat them dey chop.”

@nickie_debarie wrote: “Mama dog na better delicacy o you know say as dog na your pet naso goat be another people pet and we dey eat am, better ishi ewu”

@adelakuntufayl wrote: “Can people just rest and let the Guinness Record committee conclude on their report before passing a judgment on her yet? All this to me are just strategies to bring one of ours down! Let people rest abeg !”

@chinyereabang wrote: “Who will stand up for the birds?”

@Oprik-leo wrote: “Dog na better meat, e sweetness pass every other meat for this world”.