Married Mother-Of-Two Reveals How Her Husband Supported Her Entanglement with Another Woman

Leah Hamilton a mother of two who fell in love with another mother has revealed how her husband supported her throughout her new affair.

Leah who is also identifies as Queer narrated how she met her husband and how supportive he has been.

According to her, she met her husband at a university in New Zealand. The couple enjoyed a non-monogamous relationship and even made out with other people on their wedding night.

Leah said she had her husband’s full support after she later fell in love with another woman at the kindergarten school gate, but the affair didn’t last long.

In an interview with Insider, Leah said she was first drawn to her spouse due to his ‘quiet and sensitive’ nature and progressed with their relationship ‘without many of the usual frameworks.’

She had been having an affair with another woman at the same time, whom she had met at a party, but soon decided to grow a family with her then-boyfriend.

The mother of two said that having an open relationship was largely put on hold in other to focus and raise their kids.

The couple discovered a very open culture and lifestyle after migrating to Berlin in which having children was no barrier to having a desirable lifestyle.

But, despite initially finding it hard to meet new potential partners, Leah revealed: ‘I began to go out in the evenings with one of the other married mothers I had met at my children’s kindergarten.

Fast forward to their affair, The two women were in a relationship which has the full backing of Leah’s husband.

She told the publication:’My girlfriend and I were both very emotional, and we clashed in ways that slowly tore away at us.’

The mother of two revealed how devastated she was after she broke up with her girlfriend, adding how her husband supported her and showed her more love.

She praised her husband for his immense support, she said

“He listened to my sorrow and hugged me. He took care of our children and household more than usual.”

“He is happy to move with me in whichever direction I was going. I felt empowered to be myself and to experience life in all its fullness.”

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