“Marrying him is like fulfilling a life ambition” Nigerian lady married to a blind man narrate their love story

Maimunatu  Sa’idu, a Nigerian lady has decided to get married to a blind teacher Dahuru Aldulhamid Idris.

Sa’idu expressed her affection while she said she love him most among her other suitors.

The two couples got married in Zakirai town of Gezawa Local Government Area, in Kano state on Friday, May 12.

According to the bride, she said she fell in love with her husband at first sight of engaging him.

She said, her husband gained popularity in 2021 after he was interviewed on his struggles for education.

He was then serving as a volunteer teacher in a public school.

Idris enjoyed goodwill from many Nigerians including a person under anonymity who rented a three-bedroom apartment for him and also provided him a job with the Kano state government as a teacher.

The bride made it known her affection for him is natural despite his physical challenge.

“I have loved him from the first day I met him and I will continue till eternity. I believe that God destined us to be together and I accept it with my heart. He is the kind of person I want to be with in my life. He is gentle, decent, and loves everything about religion. Marrying him is like fulfilling a life ambition, I promised myself I will marry the best person I love among my suitors. I will try my best to discharge my responsibilities. I will take good care of him and his entire family.” she added.

The groom on his part said he met his soul mate through her elder brother.

Idris stated further, it is their friendship proximity that migrated to the union.

“I met her through my elder brother, we became friends. From there I realized I got a wife because of the way she accepted me despite my blindness”.

The school teacher when asked how he is going to take care of his wife despite his physical challenge.

He said,” Marriage is exchanging ideas, needs and responsibilities. So, she has her own responsibilities and  I have mine too. I will try my best to deliver and I pray Almighty Allah to guide me right.”




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