Why my dad and I argue about my excessive money spending lifestyle- Davido

David Adeleke popularly known by his stage name Davido at the Forbes Under 30 summit in Botswana, spoke about how his billionaire father Adedeji Adeleke has influenced his musical career positively.

The Afrobeats superstar acknowledged that he and his father often disagree about his spending habits.

Davido claimed that his father’s advice on savings and investment is a direct opposite to his.

He proceeded that his father preferred to see him limit his consumption of material goods.

The “Unavailable” singer admits that even though show business is different from other businesses, it is still a business.

His father, on the other hand, disproves seeing him on a materialistic rampage. He said:

“It’s still business. sometimes we get into a lot of arguments. You know, showbiz is different from a normal person’s life that is just doing business.

“Like for example, I might be in Italy and maybe he sees a caption ‘Oh Davido buys this $300,000 watch’ He will be like ‘why are you wasting money like that ‘? I will be like, Dad you won’t understand. We are using it to inspire people. But all in all, it is still business.


“He still calls me to make sure that I save here, invest there. For example, I wanted to rent a penthouse. He advised me, ‘You are wasting money by spending on that (rent). Buy it and use it when you are around. Little advice here and there.

“It took a while for him to my (sic) music. But now he has fully accepted it.”









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