“Unprofessional conduct ” Imo state police command reacts to viral video of officers assaulting two suspect with machete.

In a viral video surfaced online, police officers could be seen assaulting two suspects in an open area with a machete in Owerri.

However, the Imo state police command has condemned the action of the officers involved in the act in a statement released.

The spokesperson of the state police command, SP Henry Okoye, described the action of the officers as “Unprofessional conduct”, He said the officers have been identified and defaulted for “Discreditable/Unprofessional conduct, improper Dressing, incivility to an assaulting of the duo suspects.”


He added that the two suspects were being picked up after they were spotted at a hard drug area and allegedly found with some banned substances.

Read Police Spokesperson Okoye statement below


“Upon diligent observation of this viral obscene video, the officers were identified to be a detachment of one of command’s Tactical teams comprising of six(6) police officers led by inspector SUNDAY AMADI who unfortunately  was seen in the video assaulting the suspects with a ‘cutlass’ which is not one of police accoutrement while trying to apprehend them on 20/04/2023 at about 1400hrs.

They have been defaulted for Discreditable/Unprofessional conduct, Improper Dressing, incivility to and Assaulting the duo suspects namely; Ikechukwu Ajiegbu ‘m’ and Ugochukwu Ajiegbu ‘m’ who were allegedly seen in an identified hard drug black spot situated at Uretta, Owerri , unlawfully in possession of weeds suspected to be cannabis sativa and ‘Crystal Meth’ hard drug. I.e methamphetamine aka ‘Mpuru Mmiri’.


While investigation continues , The commissioner of police CP Mohammed Ahmed Barde PSC(+), who is a disciplinarian and defender of fundamental human right has ordered that prompt orderly Room Trial should commence against the erring officers and that necessary disciplinary actions be taken if found guilty.


Members of the public are advised to remain calm as further development on the orderly room trial and disciplinary actions will be communicated back to them”.

The video has sparked various reactions

@Oprik_leo wrote :What is this world turning into? Those that are meant to protect lives, are the ones tends to endangering lives…May God almighty protect us all

@pweety_nazzy wrote : what’s phone searching got to do with police???… how would you want to invade someone’s privacy ??… Major crimes that are worth brutalizing the culprits you won’t see them participating ….nawa oooo😡😡….and all this rubbish will end up been in the quest of them extorting money from this guys in the name of they want check if they are yahoo boys😡😡.. Correction will never stop in this Nigeriabof ours …Because even the ones meant to protect citizens are actually the villains😈


Watch the viral video below



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