“There’s Konji in this city” – Actress Destiny Etiko lament over the atmosphere in UK

Actress Destiny Etiko and her intimate Lizzy Gold cry out over their displeasure with the harsh weather in London.

The duo disclosed in a recent video shared via Destiny’s Instagram handle about being sexually aroused without their partners being unavailable.



They lamented that ‘Konji’ has almost finished them and it keeps getting harder every day.

The screen divas as well shared a video of herself and her friend Lizzy recording a governor-elect inside a commercial bus, as they mocked him being “humbled” by the living condition overseas.

The curvy figure actress responded to haters on her Instagram social platform over her poor fashion sense, she said

“If they invest the time they spent only page in their miserable lives, just maybe God might have mercy on them and grow their finances.

Am here living my best life and course growing my acct and some frustrated sisters that haven’t fed themselves well are always here with fake pages blessing me the note with their admiration . E dey pains them eeeh. Even when some of them are on my block list but then go still dey spy on their role model. You won’t go and search for a job Abi.

Destiny is the PB that u all haters will have

For the last time, U can’t stop me, I am blessed from the heavens. Una no get option.No one says a word and it comes to pass if not the one my God almighty has ordered.Be my Guest .I am waaaaaaayy above you all”. She added.

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