Popular USA Tik Tok influencer says she is more confident in her body after removing her two breast

Stephanie Germino, a 29-year-old woman from Florida who underwent a double mastectomy says she is now more confident revealing her body than she used to be.

The Tik Tok influencer revealed she was developing 87 percent risk of breast cancer when she was told she has mutation in her BRCA1 gene.

In bid to avoid getting the deadly illness, she decided to have her breast removed by undergoing a double mastectomy but thereafter refused a reconstruction.


Stephanie who goes by @thebooblessbabe_ on Tik Tok social media shares her story raises awareness of the procedure, and details her newfound ‘freedom.’

” I’m 100 percent more confident in my body now than I was pre-surgery, as I never loved my breast when I had them,’ the mom told Shera.

‘They weren’t my source of femininity and I do get stares when I’m out topless in public, but nobody has ever come up to me being rude – it’s always positive .’

She explained that she was overjoyed to finally throw out her bras, although it took her some time to get adjusted to her new body.

‘I absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to wear bras ever again, as there’s something about being bare. It did take me a minutes to finally get rid of my bra but I threw the wire bra out immediately; Stephanie said.

The social media influencer also added

‘My family and friends were supportive about the preventative surgery, but I did face pushback when I said I wasn’t having a reconstruction.

She however shared her reasons for not opting for reconstruction of breast.

“There are three reasons why I chose not to get one being that breast implant illness is a thing and several people I know have suffered from it, so this wasn’t a risk I wanted to take.

‘Secondly, implant maintenance every 10 years like unnecessary additional surgeries, and [finally], I don’t like the way implants looks without breast to soften them up.

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