“Na over thinking dey lead to depression” fans advice actor Yemi Solade over depression post

Nollywood veteran actor Yemi Solade took to his Instagram handle to express his state of depression while he post “To live in Niger, One Must belong to Cult”.

However, his fans showed their concern, giving him words of encouragement to continue striving and enjoy life.

The Nollywood star shared the disturbing post with a picture earlier on his social media with no shirt on and hands over his eyes, the photo seems to have been taken during an emotional meltdown.

His Hard Fans expressed their concern in his comment section with reactions and words of encouragement

@commediangbovo said:

“Na over thinking dey lead to depression, take urself out and enjoy good life, na who d!e lose”

@sublynn said:

“please his family should check on him. This is not a matter to play around with.”

@lingeriebytemmy said:

“His colleague should check up on him oo.”

@ifeoluwa_mighty said:

“Chaii God be with him. E be like say na only me no Dey depression for this country ooo. Na only food and more food Dey my head.”

@amina_minaah said :

“Everyone needs therapy at this point. I pray he get strength to go on.”

@___nemmi’s said:

“we really need to start taking mental health serious in this part of the world. Depression sometimes ain’t always feeling deep sadness, sometimes is watching yourself loose interest in everything you love and not able to do anything about it.”

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