Unidentified thieves hacked boy to death in Kogi while working on his father farm.

The incident happened at lgalamela/Odolu Local government Area, Kogi state, where a boy identified as Achile Abdul was hacked to death by unknown criminals while assisting his father on his farm in Ikefi village.

On March 8,2023 Wednesday according to a source , Achonu went farming with his father .He said

“The boy separated from his father on arriving at the farm and in the process of wondering around he saw a criminal harvesting their yam,” he proceededĀ 

“On spotting the criminal , the boy shouted to alert his father who was a few metres away in another section of the farm. The boy continued shouting, “Thief, thief “, running after the criminal, unknown to him that another criminal, was on the tree keeping watch on the environment.

“The second criminal jumped down from the tree, trailed the boy, and hacked him to death with a cutlass.”

The community and the deceased family are gripped with tension, while his corpse was reported deposited in a mortuary at Ajaka, the headquarters of the local government area.

Achile Abdul was said to be an easygoing person, a dedicated and industrious person before his life was cut short.

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