2023 poll:Lady burns her boyfriend’s hand with hot oil for not voting for the party of her choice

A Nigerian lady identified as Annie has been allegedly accused of burning her lover’s hand with hot oil.

Victor the boyfriend of the accused lady explained how his girlfriend scald his hand with hot oil over not voting for the candidates of her choice at the just concluded presidential election.

The incident happened in Abuja, according to the victim, he said, they had rancor on the account his girlfriend detected he didn’t vote for her party but instead exercised his franchise casting vote for Action Party Congress (APC).

He further said “my babe have poured hot oil on my hand because I voted for the ruling party.

I pleaded with her to rush me to the hospital around midnight when the skin on my hand started peeling but she refused. she went further to say she would have scalded my face. I subsequently explained to her my reasons and she apologized. She felt I had collected money to support the ruling party hence the reason for her action .”

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