Whitney Adeniran died of electrocution-says the mother of 12-year old chrisland student .

Mrs. Blessing Adeniran, mother of a 12-year-old student of Chrisland High school in Ikeja, Lagos state Dasola Whitney Adeniran revealed the result from the autopsy conducted on her daughter states she died of electrocution.

The distraught mother cried out for help recalled from a video posted online on February 11 as regards the condition she met her daughter’s corpse which was suspicious giving an insight how the incident happened.

Whitney’s mother explained She went to the school inter-house sports event which was held at the Agege stadium to watch her daughter participate in the exercise, but was worried not seeing sight of her child engaging in the sporting activities. Mrs. Adeniran then decide to go look for her but was informed instead by a student from the school that Whitney fainted and had been rushed to the hospital.

Reacting to the information, she went quickly to the health centre where Whitney was taken to attest to the confirmation of the information to be true .on getting there Mrs. Adeniran met Whitney’s lifeless body with her tongue black.

The mother said her daughter was not ill prior to the school event day, but when asked by the doctor, she was told she died of cardiac arrest.

Following the statement released by the school management, the establishment released the demise of Whitney was in “public view and not under any hidden circumstances,” adding that she was rushed to the nearest medical facility for first aid and urgent treatment.

The headlines of the news spark, trends that warrant Nigerians, activists, and prominent figures take up the case demanding justice to unravel the cause of death of the young soul. The cause led to the quick intervention of the Lagos state government shutting down the citadel of learning, making it the second time of experiencing such. Also readChrisland shutdown over another death of student.

An autopsy has seen been conducted, following the school response by the management as regards the incident, That the parents should establish a scientific confirmation of the main cause of Whitney’s death before her burial.

Mrs. Adeniran reveals that a series of tests were taken in other to arrive at the final autopsy result. She said her daughter was cut open, and also explain she was menstruating before her death, and menstrual blood was taken for a test that showed Whitney died of electrocution.

She continued, while she explained the trauma her family went through due to the autopsy, also calling out on the school for letting them experience such.


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