Voodoo man along with 21 others arrested for terrorrism and armed robbery in Edo.

A 65-year-old man known for doing charm was caught red-handed along with 21 other suspects for unlawful acts and robbery in Edo.

The state police command spokesman Chidi Nwabuzor disclosed in his statement that the suspects were arrested following their cases of illegal possession of firearms and armed robbery.

According to the command spokesman, Chidi Nwabuzor said the suspect arrest was made by the command surveillance team on January 31.

He added, the notorious gang uses black Lexus SUV and Mercedes GLK when going for their modus operandi.

Nwabuzor also said the exhibit received from the suspects are locally made guns with nine live cartridges and pump action gun.

He also note the suspects confessed to unlawfully having robbed many of their possession and as well rob people between Auchi and Benin in Edo.

While the investigation is still ongoing the PPRO added, the suspects will face the wrath of the law.

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