Conductor drowns while retrieving bucket that fell inside well in Oyo community .


A 27 years old man whose name is yet to be identified died while trying to retrieve a loose rope from the bucket that fell inside a well in Oyo community.

The deceased was said to be a conductor accompanying his boss who is a truck driver.

The incident happened on Saturday at Alaja community, in Akinyele local government area Oyo state.

The truck driver who is the boss of the victim narrates exactly how it happens. According to him, he said, while on their way, their truck developed a fault with all efforts put in place for the truck to be back to its normal operation.

The victim was said to go in search of water to fill the radiator but instead, it was his dead body that was later discovered.

A witness added to the story, the witness said the deceased tried to get water from the well, but his attempt at getting a fetcher proved abortive.

Unfortunately for him getting rope was made possible with a bucket attached, along the line, the rope tied wivictim’sth the bucket loosed.

It was then made known that it was on the verge of retrieving the bucket, the victim entered the well, but instead, he got drowned.

However, the state commissioner of police Adebowale Williams confirmed the incident after a call was made.

In the same vein the general manager of the state Fire service,  Yemi Adeyinka as well confirmed the incident.

The victim’s boss press further explaining how he got his corpse. He said he was on the search for him to hasten up, it was then he discovered his slippers are near the well the incident happened, which made him call and reach out for help.

It was with the intervention of the emergency rescue operatives his corpse was retrieved and taken to the morgue.

The truck driver made it known in his statement, he as well said the deceased was chanced to work with him through the influence of his fellow driver’s friend.

As the investigation into the case commenced, the well had been sealed with the use of an iron sheet and a stone placed on the sheet to prevent people from fetching water from the well.

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