Chrisland shutdown over another death of student.

The social media headlines is filled with another disheartening break in the news about Chrisland.
Chrisland is owned by a prominent and reputable figure in Nigeria.

The citadel of learning is owned and founded by High chief DR. (Mrs.) Winifred Adefolahan  Awosika who was born on February 13, 1940, in Owo.

Fast forward to the school insight. It was founded in 1977, and where its Headquarter is located at 28, Opebi road, Ikeja, Lagos.With a massive increase in expansion planting branches in Lagos and Abuja respectively.

Reacting to the trending break in news Ms. Whitney Adediran, a 12 old years student at Chrisland college died during inter-house sports activities At  Agege ,stadium Lagos stat on Thursday.

The parents of the diseased contributed their quota on the media, explaining the school management’s negligence and non-proper medical attention given to their ward, which made them demand and calls for justice.

According to the mother Miss Adediran,She said her child was in sound health and never had any pre- existed heart condition which the school claimed led to her death.

Also, Miss Adediran narrated in a sympathy video posted online. According to her she said
Desola Whitney Adediran was attending her school inter-house sports on Thursday 9, February 2023. She visited the event but noticed Whitney was not part of the match parade which made her go search for her. Miss Adediran also stated that it was from a student she got information her world fainted. Hearing the news she immediately move to the health centre where Whitney was taken following the direction  from one of the staff in the school. On getting to the centre, she met her daughter’s corpse, with her tongue black.
The grieved mother demanded for the cause of the death of her child but the school management claimed she suffered a cardiac arrest and slumped .

From the father’s part
D.r Micheal Adediran had taken to social media for Nigerians and other higher Authorities to help seek justice and investigate thoroughly the cause of his daughter Whitney’s death.

Following the trends to unravel the death mystery some celebrities as well took part by expressing their concern and likewise demanding for justice.

According to Iyabo ojo via her Instagram handle. she said ” 2 chrislandinsta you need to come out & tell Whitney’s parent the truth about their daughter’s death the negligence from your school is appalling. There is a WhatsApp audio circulating that she died as a result of electrocution. Can you confirm or deny this? Did you not vet the vendors at your event to make sure they came with child-proof equipment? you knew the child was dead before sending her mother to a health centre’ and sent the mother on a wild goose chase to look for her child without accompanying her. The actual audacity to be irresponsible. The fact that you went ahead with. the event when one of your students just died recks of a lack of empathy. @jidesanwoolu @Nigerianpoliceforce


On the vein actress Mercy Johnson took to her Instagram as well to pleaded with the school to take responsibility and release the necessary details that cause Whitney’s death.

Following the case up,Lagos state government has shut down the school, making it the second time of experiencing such.

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