Two old time friends celebrity exchange pleasantries with deep kiss stares reaction.

The duo expressed their love with kiss considering their level of proximity as intimates.


Chidi Mokeme and Kate Henshaw expressed their love by giving a heartwarming reunion kiss.

Mokeme, the Nigerian Nollywood actor took break from the screen due to being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, an infection that causes sudden paralysis in the muscle on one side of the face.

While having a chat on Channel Television¬† ‘Rubbin minds‘ made the disclosure of the ailment.

The movie star Mokeme resurfaces on media screen after a long time break from Nollywood, appearing as the character ‘Scar‘ in an action pack movie “Shantytown“.

The two Nollywood veteran stars have been friends for over 3 decades, even before considering joining the entertainment industry, according to the Veteran actor Mokeme.

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