Fire incident claims lives and properties in America.

Fire eruption happens to be one of the most disastrous incidents ever. In most cases, if such an incident occurs, it either takes lives or properties leaving the occupant completely shattered.

A fire incident outbreak claimed the lives of many, destroy properties, and rendered many useless in Chile, South America.

Records have it that the inferno destroyed more than 400 acres of land, burnt 97 houses as well recorded (13) thirteen victims who lost their lives during the cause of the incident.

{as of the time this news is been compiled}

The cause was said to be extreme heat (more than 40 degrees)  which escalated into the outbreak.

Before the disastrous incident, it was recorded that more than 200 fire has been declared in the center of the country.


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  1. Florence Aregbesola says:

    What a country yet, some people will claim the country to be the best, look at what just happened

  2. Shalewa says:

    This is so disastrous!

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