Disbanded security operative officers found guilty for murder.

The defunct police unit,special anti robbery squard (SARS),two officers brought to book and sentence to death by hanging for the killing of two suspects while in their custody in Port Harcort.

Mr Michael Akor and Micheal Igwe,now deceased died in the custody of the security operative officers on the charge of allegedly stealing recharge card in Rivers State,precisely Oyibo local government area.

The Trial Judge,Justice M.O Opara pass her verdict by charging two of the security officers involved Mr Shedrack Ibibo and Magus Awuri on the account of finding them guilty of conspiracy for murder.

Prior to the judgement passed,it was recalled that five security officers from the disbanded police unit (SARS) were convicted.

The SARS team members convicts are

.Magus Awuwi
.Shedrach Ibibo
.ASP Samuel Chigbu
.Ogoligo and
.Olisa Emeka.

While sources had it that Ogoli and ASP Samuel Chigbu gave up the ghost while in detention at correctional centre in Port Harcourt.

Olisa Emeka was aquitted and discharged based on Court findings because his case was not proven to be involved while Ibibo and Magus were found guilty.

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